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Are you searching for iWindows windows in Canada? iWindows is a leading European manufacturer of premium aluminum window and door solutions serving global residential and commercial markets. Our factory is one of the most technologically advanced in Europe. We are proud to offer North American consumers the finest premium aluminum windows and doors.

With over 30 years of experience and our focus on innovation, iWindows proudly delivers high quality, precision-built products with limitless design possibilities.

Your decision to select iWindows as your window supplier doesn’t stop after installation and completion of your project. In the unlikely event you encounter any issues, iWindows stands behind every window and door in the market.

Furthermore, our experienced service team will address and resolve the issues as quickly as possible to ensure you have peace of
mind and confidence that your windows continue their top performance for years and years to come.

The Benefits of iWindows: An Eco-Friendly Window Solution for Canadian Homes

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on eco-friendly building materials and energy efficiency in homes across Canada. One area of focus is the adoption of highly insulating windows that provide superior protection against heat loss in winter and overheating in summer. iWindows windows have quickly emerged as a leader in this category. Made in Canada from state-of-the-art materials and designed for northern climates, iWindows offer compelling advantages for homeowners aiming to make their properties greener.

What is iWindows?

iWindows European windows represent an innovative type of window made using expanded poly-alpha-olefin (iWindows) foam insulation enclosed in durable, thermally-broken polyvinyl chloride (PVC) frames. Structurally rigid iWindows foam sheets have quickly become a popular sustainable construction material due to impressive thermal performance, strength, and moisture resistance. When incorporated into windows, iWindows enables impressive insulation value for outstanding energy savings potential.

Unparalleled Thermal Efficiency

Advanced Insulation Properties

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The exceptional insulation capacity of iWindows windows results from both the advanced foam composition along with the multi-chambered frame design preventing heat or cold transfer. In fact, most standard iWindows windows provide an insulation value between R8 and R12, significantly higher than traditional double-pane glass, wood or vinyl windows. This exceptional construction allows less interior heating or cooling to escape outside. Even in extreme Canadian winters and summers, iWindows maintain comfortable indoor temperatures using minimal energy.

Enhanced Moisture Protection

Water and Rot Resistant

Exposure to outdoor elements like rain, snow and humidity can damage traditional windows and window frames over time. But iWindows foam offers complete resistance to moisture absorption and rot while also inhibiting mold growth. The smooth vinyl exterior layers of iWindows repel precipitation rather than allow water seepage to structural components. So, even after years of weatherization, iWindows maintain structural integrity. In addition, they require no repainting or restoration for enduring performance and energy savings over an exceptionally long service life.

Advanced Soundproofing Properties

Peace and Quiet Indoors

Is outside noise from street traffic, airplanes or even noisy neighbours disturbing your peace at home? Most homeowners overlook a window’s sound dampening qualities during initial purchase and installation. Yet enhanced soundproofing makes a dramatic difference in livability and comfort indoors. Compared to metal or wood-framed windows with standard double-pane glass, iWindows incorporate more advanced materials and construction techniques to achieve an incredibly high sound transmission class. This allows iWindows and big doors to effectively absorb outside noise rather than transferring it indoors. Relax in a quiet sanctuary at home thanks to this innovative sustainable window solution made in Canada.

Affordable Peace of Mind & Cost-Effective Upgrade

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Green upgrades like solar power systems or geothermal HVAC can be prohibitively expensive installations for homeowners wanting energy savings. Fortunately, replacing inefficient windows with top-rated iWindows models represents an accessible eco-upgrade that quickly pays dividends on investment through fuel and energy reduction. And since these durable windows have operated effectively for decades without requiring special maintenance or frequent replacement, the lifetime cost of ownership is noticeably lower. This affordable path towards enhanced sustainability makes iWindows windows practical for nearly any home renovation budget.

iWindows Installation – The Experience

iWindows’ installation teams have extensive training and experience ensuring each window and door installation is completed successfully. Our luxury iwindows and doors are factory
sealed; this important feature means the glass and aluminum frame arrive as one complete, sealed unit. Factory sealed windows provide two important benefits. First, the high quality and performance of our products is consistent relying on our in-house rigorous quality control and inspection process. Second, you benefit from significantly reduced installation time when compared to our competitors that typically install the aluminum frame and glass separately.

Contact the window specialists at company iwindows for more guidance on selecting the right energy efficient iWindows windows Oakville for your next project. As authorized dealers for Canada’s industry-leading iWindows lineup made domestically, we have seen firsthand how these technologically advanced windows maintain comfortable indoor temperatures in every season for families nationwide. And impressive thermal performance is just one of many practical benefits driving the adoption of sustainable iWindows windows across Canada. Reach out today for a custom quote!

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